About Us

    Hey! My name is Jordan Sherman and I am a piece of the family behind El Rancho. I am a wife and momma to a wonderful husband and six gorgeous kids that I know are truly a gift from the Lord. My husband, myself, and our family live in, and do business in Runnels County. 
   From the time I can remember as a child I loved clothes and playing dress up. I loved decorating my room, rearranging furniture, and dressing myself and other people. When I was about to turn 16 and knew I wanted to begin working, I approached a big retail clothing store and asked if I could go ahead and apply for a job, but that I wouldn't be able to start until my 16th birthday. They allowed me to apply, interview, and offered me a position in retail sales. I started the day I turned 16! That was the beginning of the mingling and putting to good use my love for fashion, for people, and for customer service that is still a passion of mine today. 
    Over the years I have worked in contemporary clothing stores as well as high end women's apparel, gift shops, and the western wear industry. But I found my resting place as far as careers, in the western wear industry. The people that make up that industry are different from any other apparel sector in my opinion. They represent hard work, class, style and a way of life I admire and appreciate. I have customers from the western wear industry that have now been with me and followed my journey for almost 20 years and I am grateful for each of them, and for you if you are reading this. 
     What you will see in El Rancho is a pairing of both western and hacienda/vaquero style influences. We bring to our customers both vintage and new garments, furniture, and home goods. Just a glimpse into what we buy and sell is quality built and crafted Native American jewelry, leather furniture items, heavy metal and glass pieces, retro and vintage Western garments and so much more. 
    We hope you will shop with us both online and in person and be a part of our wonderful story and continued journey. Thank you for allowing us to do what we love and serve you as our customers and patrons in the process. We couldn't do it without each of you. 
-Jordan Sherman, Owner -El Rancho